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Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association Kerala State Chapter
Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association Kerala
Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association Kerala Chapter is the largest chapter of the national organization. The 52 chapters across the state are working wonderfully well in catering the needs of homoeopathy practitioners. We also have the Indian Homoeopathic research wing of Kerala chapter and a vibrant IHMA school of Homoeopathy. The different Chapters of Kerala wing are conducting regular activities to propagate homoeopathy, uplift the standard of Homoeopathy and initiate steps to increases the opportunities in homoeopathy for young aspirants and students.

Recent Activities

IHRC played an important role in the control of viral fever epidemics in Kerala in recent years. Timely intervention in the form early case identification, case studies and finding genus epidemicus from IHRC and IHMA had helped to curtail many unnecessary morbidity and mortality.

In other states too IHRC provides timely advice to seasonal diseases and other epidemic outbreaks.

One important project of IHRC was the retrospective study on the efficancy of preventive medicines in Chickunguniya (in the Kerala outbreak) conducted in association.

Aims & Objectives

* To serve the human society by awarding the benefits of homoeopathic system of treatment to public, especially the low socio-economic groups.

* To improve the quality of homoeopathic medical practice.

* To improve the quality of homoeopathic medical education.

* To maintain the honor and dignity and to uphold the interest of the profession of homoeopathic practice and to promote cooperation amongst the members thereof.

* To work for the abolition of fake Homoeopathic practices.

* To achieve welfare of qualified homoeopathic doctors.

* To stand for integrated medical research in homoeopathy.

* To conduction medical camps, especially in epidemics affected areas.

* To promote and advance homoeopathic system of medicine and allied sciences and to benefit and improve public health thereby.